Calvary Chapel La Habra School of Ministry has developed as a result of not only seeing the needs of the growing body of Christ, but also in understanding our need to effectively train up men and women to develop gifts and talents to meet those needs. We see the body of Christ as a living organism comprised of believers who have responded to the call of God in their lives. Just as nourishment and exercise are vital to growth for an individual, so too the body of Christ. Our desire is to provide an environment where people can not only receive nourishment (from the Word), but also exercise (practical application) gifts and talents to promote growth.  


We highly encourage anyone who has a desire to grow in their knowledge of the Word to take advantage of the opportunity of being in a healthy environment amongst other believers with similar desires. As we begin to apply ourselves to understanding His Word, then God will begin to direct our hearts into fulfilling the calling that He has on our individual lives. The only way to discover His will is to begin to take steps of faith and then God will begin to direct us (Proverbs 16:9). CCLH School of Ministry is designed to help facilitate individuals in discovering God's will for their lives.


We are currently hosting 9 week courses twice a year (9 weeks in fall, 9 weeks in spring) on a variety of subjects which include: Life of Christ, Life of Joshua, Life of David, Systematic Theology, Foundations of the Christian Faith, Inductive Bible Study Methods, Principles of Preaching, Cults and Comparative Religions, as well as various books in the Bible.  

**We are also offering some courses in Spanish as well**

Call the Church Office with any further questions.