Mead has been singing for as long as he can remember. Growing up listening to bands like Kiss, Styx, and all the hard rock in the late 70’s and 80’s, he developed a desire to learn guitar and sing. Throughout high school, he was involved with various bands. After graduating from high school, he started contemplating the meaning of life and what the purpose of his life was. He became depressed as he began to realize his questions about life and eternity were not being answered.  When his band broke up, this led me into further depression. He remembers crying out to God one morning at the age of 19 and asking Him to reveal Himself to Mead if He was indeed real. One week later he got a call from a friend who wanted to introduce him to a Christian who was in a band, looking for a bass player. Little did Mead know that through this divine appointment he would eventually be invited to Committed Christian Fellowship in Santa Fe Springs. It was there where he first listened to the teaching of God’s Word and His love for Mead. He realized that God, who he had cried out to, just a few months before, was answering his questions. He received Christ into his heart on 10/13/92. A few years later he was asked to join the worship team. The Lord has given Mead the privilege of using the talents and gifts He has given him to serve God and to point others to Him. He has been leading worship at Calvary Chapel La Habra Since 2001. In 2002, he married his beautiful wife Monique. In 2005, he came on staff at Calvary La Habra, and it has been his greatest pleasure to serve the Lord and the people of Calvary La Habra. Mead and Monique have three kids; Reese, Carson, and Tanner. They are so blessed to be placed into the greater family here at CCLH.