We meet for prayer on the last Wednesday of the month, at 6:30pm in Green Room B (where the Japanese Ministry meets Sundays). Come out and join us in prayer!

Ireland – Galway // CC New Hope

  • God would raise up committed Irish leaders within our church. 
  • For the new team (pastor and worship leader) as they settle in and get their visas, and for wisdom concerning the church.
  • "Orla" to grow in her faith and trust in Jesus, and grow the knowledge of who He is.
  • Church leadership/transitions: new pastor, new Women's leader, new worship leader - all from America. And Church unity will continue to be strong even with the new team.
  • Dolores and Lorissa to continue to draw close to Jesus as they go through transitioning back to living in California. God's provision for the move, for Lorissa's college, etc.

Ireland – Lahinch // Steve + Leslie BOAL // John + Rachel MCCARTHY

  • Men’s group has started Victorious Christian Service – pray for fruit!
  • That the Lord would continue to grow the youth nights on Fridays, that they would desire to go deeper with Jesus and to mature in the Word.
  • For more open doors to share God’s message of hope through the platform Cliffs of Hope!

Japan – Okinawa // Rick + Kristy Barnett

  • Pray for genuine move of the Holy Spirit in the lives of the youth.
  • For Josh Hagan, as he's recovering in the hospital from a serious bacterial infection.
  • Pray for the transition of the Benauro family from the US to Okinawa. They just arrived and are getting settled back in.
  • Pray for Pastor Rick's family as they continue to navigate through seasons of coming change.

Kenya – OJ // William + Judy KIORIA

  • That the congregation here will fall in love with the Word of God--and be more doers of it. On the same breath, that they will be committed to church attendance. At times they are so discouraged by stuff, they opt to stay home on Sundays!
  • Love and unity in the body.
  • Women's ministry needs some prayer. Pray for guidance.
  • General provision---would like to attend the Calvary Chapel Senior Pastors Conference (and their wives) in Uganda and we are praying that God will provide us with approx. USD 500.

Mexico – Chiapas // CC Shine

  • That the Lord would renew their strength and perseverance as they deal with assisting and sheltering the community after the devastation from the earthquake and continuous aftereffects.
  • For men and women to continue to grow in discipleship and in the Word each day.


  • Pray for the CCLH team leaving for Panama on June 9th - that the Lord would use them mightily, that they would bless and be blessed, and for safety as they travel.
  • Rene and Anabel need a passenger van for ministry with the youth - that God would either provide a van for their use, or the funds to purchase a van.

South Africa – Cape town // Jason + Terra STEAD

  • For the Stead family as they settle back in the States - all the transitions and changes that come with reentry to the US. For peace, comfort, and guidance from the Lord during this challenging season.