Last Christmas season we supported our brothers and sisters in Chiapas, Ireland, Kenya, and Panama for their Christmas celebrations with their congregations. Thank you to all of those who supported the Lord's work in Missions through Calvary La Habra in 2017.


chiapas, mexico

After months of providing relief from the devastation of the earthquake in Chiapas, Calvary Chapel Shine has continued to bless the people affected. Their church gathered together last Christmas to celebrate the birth of the Lord with some good food and fellowship.

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Lahinch, Ireland

North Clare Community Church celebrated Christmas with a community outreach, and gave away calendars to those who came out. Many young skaters and surfers have been able to hear the Word of God and respond in 2017.


OJ, Kenya

Pastor William and his church have been engaging the community through various outreaches, including a recent women's conference and a youth night. Last Christmas season they hosted a church lunch together as brothers and sisters in Christ.

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Penonome, Panama

Last year Rene and Anabel have reached out to the local skater kids, and God has grown their ministry. Many opportunities have been seized to share the Gospel and pray with the kids. Last Christmas their church celebrated together as a family and blessed the community as well.