The Calvary La Habra internship program is a summer program that is designed to give youth participants opportunity to experience full-time ministry within the church. This program is limited to those that are selected based upon the agreement of the Pastoral Staff, Board, and Church Leaders as those that are demonstrating the anointing and calling of the Holy Spirit towards full and part-time ministry. The limited amount of participants also allows us to be able to have more direct interaction with each person within the internship for greater accountability and equipping. We believe that the most effective way to reach the world for Christ is in the training of others for the work of the ministry (Ephesians 4:11-12).

The purpose of the program is to give individuals a well-rounded experience as it pertains to the complexities of ministry. We will attempt to combine formal aspects of ministry through teaching and instruction with practical hands-on training and outreach. Our hope is that through the intense study and practical experience, people will be raised up to effectively fulfill the calling that God has placed on each individual’s life. We encourage those persons that sense the Holy Spirit’s call to ministry to prayerfully consider their involvement in the internship by “counting the costs” of what it will take to be involved. We are confident that participation in the program will be challenging, as well as rewarding, and will help to facilitate the ultimate call that God has on a person’s life.

We view this program as an internship in which each person must be fully committed to meeting the necessary requirements. We encourage you to commit your involvement to prayer because we are aware that the program will demand much time and effort. We understand that everyone has different situations with family and other commitments that may challenge participation. Students applying need to be willing to plan around scheduled times in order to get the maximum benefits of what we are trying to accomplish through the program.

Please keep this program and our leadership in prayer as we are relying on the Lord's direction and guidance.