Our mission is to bring the presence of Christ to those who are affected by natural or man-made disasters.

This Ministry is designed to create a team of trained individuals that will deploy to disaster situations in connection with and under the command of Calvary Disaster Relief.


  • Create a year-round ministry that is prepared and able to deploy to disasters by training, fundraising, and community outreach.

  • Create a network of churches that share the Lord’s heart to respond to disasters.

  • Deploy teams to:

    • Come alongside the local church in the affected area to set up a base of operations.

    • Determine what the current needs are for the affected church and the local community.

    • Provide labor to meet those needs:

      • Deploy teams to reach out to the suffering

      • Provide food and meals

      • Mucking out houses

      • Tarping homes

      • Clearing trees and debris

  • Help the church staff, church members, and the community take steps towards healing and establishing a new normal.

Current Relief Efforts 2017 - 2018

In our effort to establish this as a 365-day-a-year ministry, we are currently focusing on training and equipping team members to be more effective in responding to the next crisis. 

If you are interested in joining this ministry please click here:

Current Relief Efforts

In the first week following Hurricane Michael, we deployed a first response team to Panama City Beach to make contact with local churches and evaluate conditions for a base of operations. Working closely with Pastor Anthony at Calvary Panama City Beach, contacts were made at Laguna Beach Christian Resort, who graciously donated rooms for volunteers. Contact was also made with Mercy Chefs, who provided meals for teams and provided a tie in for serving the community.

The following week, another team of 6 members from CCLH deployed to PCB and joined the efforts of feeding and ministering to the community.

After a few weeks rest, Calvary Disaster Relief returned with Mercy Chefs to help prepare the city a Thanksgiving meal. Coming along side Calvary PCB, our combined forces were able to host one of four sites that ministered to the community through food, games, bounce houses, and a chance for children just to be children, and for parents to sit and enjoy a brief time of being normal again.


Relief Efforts 2017-2018


If you would like to contribute to relief efforts, click on the "Donate" button below, then enter the amount, select "CCLH Connect" from the Campus dropdown menu, and "Relief Work" from the Designation dropdown.



We are currently going through an online course entitled "Sharing Hope in Crisis", given by the Billy Graham Association.

This seminar was developed to help you know what to say and what not to say when people grieve, and to compassionately and appropriately share the love and hope of Jesus Christ.

The subject matter of this seminar will include:

  • Biblical view of suffering

  • Effects of Trauma

  • Places of Grief

  • Listening Skills

  • Ministry of Hope

  • What to say and what not to say

We are meeting in the 3rd/4th Grade Room on the 4th Thursday of the month at 7:00pm. You can come and audit the class or go online and sign-up as an individual. Just go to Billygraham.org and look for “Online Training”.

Brief History

Our heart for disaster ministry started with the Kobe Earthquake in Japan in 1995.
Since then, we have deployed teams to:

  • Kobe, Japan, Earthquake 1995

  • New York City, NY, September 11 Attack 2001

  • Bay St. Louis, LA, Hurricane Katrina 2005

  • Houston, TX, Hurricane Ike 2008

  • Sendai, Japan, Tsunami 2011

  • Joplin, MO, Tornado 2011

  • Ocean Grove, NJ, Hurricane Sandy 2012

  • Baton Rouge, LA, Flooding 2016

  • Houston, TX, Hurricane Harvey 2017

  • San Juan, Puerto Rico, Hurricane Maria 2017

  • Chiapas, Mexico, Earthquake 2017

  • Panama City Beach, FL, Hurricane Michael 2018