On September 7th 2017 Chiapas, Mexico experienced a devastating 8.1 magnitude earthquake. An estimated 1.5 million people were affected, 45,000 homes damaged, and over 100 deaths were reported. Mexico continues to experience aftershocks, with over 7,000 recorded. 


Erik and the team continue to provide meals and hygiene supplies 5 times a week. 4 times a week the team prepares food for kids and their parents that our outside the condemned children’s hospital, it is condemned because of the earthquake. There are kids that range from broken bones to cancer outside in the make shift tent city. The parents administer all medications including chemotherapy. This last Sunday we did a service for them at the tent city. The people wait for the group to come with open arms. They love the company, food, and prayer support.
The team is also going out to a town 45 minutes outside the city that about 90 % of the homes were devastated from the earthquake. They are going every Tuesday and using a military feeding station with an outdoor basketball court to feed people and do a bible study. The mayor of the town welcomed the team with open arms and asked if they can come more frequently. The city is still in demolition mode and have not yet begun to build. God has added help to them team as a Christian group of young adults has started to attend the church and are eager the help out.


september 10th

September 8th

We have been in touch with Eric and the church that is centered in Tuxla Gutierrez Chiapas are blessed to report that they are all OK. Eric said it was a very powerful quake and that there is extensive damage. He said the people are scared but that the church body and their extended family members are doing good.

40% of Tuxla has been effected by the earthquake. Many of the roofs have caved in causing injuries and leaving many without food or shelter. Eric has rallied his leaders and they are setting up a shelter & hot meals at the church property.

He said that the aftershocks are strong & frequent and the latest one knocked out the electricity in their area. We have wired some funds so they can purchase a generator, food, water & mats to sleep on. Please continue to pray